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Located in the South-Western part of Sri Lanka, Sabaragamuwa is within Sri Lanka’s wet zone and is in the foothills of the central highlands. The region is covered in lush rainforest, meandering rivers, low country tea estates and rubber plantations

Sabaragamuwa has many key points of interest to a traveller in Sri Lanka, the key attraction of these areas is the natural beauty of the Kelaniya River, the magnificent and world heritage listed Sinharaja rainforest, and is the premier region for the mining of one of Sri Lanka’s prominent exports namely, gemstones.


The Sinharaja Rainforest (UNESCO World Heritage listed) – The last surviving patch of lowland rainforest the Sinharaja is a natural gem.  A haven of bio diversity there are an astounding 800 plus endemic species of flora and fauna to be found here.

Uda Walwe National Park – One of Sri Lanka’s newest national parks Uda Walwe is famous for its Elephants. More than 600 of them make this park their home.  If you are in the area visiting the Sinharaja then the picturesque Uda Walwe is well worth the visit.

White Water Rafting – The best white water rafting is to be found on the Kelaniya Ganga in Kitulgala. With towering forests on both sides this beautiful stretch of river offers rapids from Class 2 through to Class 5 depending on your experience.  A trip normally takes two hours.

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