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The North-West Coast

Kite Surfing –  Kalpitiya lagoon is the hot spot for kite surfing in Sri Lanka. With several resorts and operators specialising in the sport for both beginners and experts. Constant winds that blow down the peninsula and the narrow strip of land the separates the lagoon for beginners and the sea for the experts make it an ideal location.

Dolphin Watching – The seas of Kalpitiya are also famous for marine life, in particular Dolphins, pods of up to a 1000 dolphins are common to see in the clear warm waters off the Kalpitiya peninsula.

Willpattu national park – Covering 425 square miles this is Sri Lanka largest national park having re-opened to visitors in 2010 since its closure during Sri Lanka civil war it still remains less visited than Yala in the south and it is larger size also makes it a more peaceful park. Willpattu is particularly famous for the sloth bear, but all also contains a good populations of ww elephants and leopards.

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