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Hill Country

The Hill Country

Partake of some of the world’s best single origin teas or learn how it is made from picking to packaging. Trek the mysterious and stunning Horton Plains, take in the views at World’s End, explore the multitude of waterfalls, play golf at 1890M above sea level at one of Asia’s oldest courses, enjoy one of the world’s great train journeys or just relax and re-live the life of a Colonial Planter at one of the many stunning bungalows in this region.

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country with an average altitude of 1890 metres above sea level is situated at the centre of the Island. A land of eternal spring, misty mountains, winding roads, breathtaking mountain passes, rolling hills carpeted with tea bushes, beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery, are the attractions of this beautiful part of Sri Lanka.

The Hill country still holds a strong echo of its colonial past and the British Planters who tamed its wilderness to grow what is now one of Sri Lanka’s most important commercial crops- Tea.

The attempt of these Colonial Planters to recreate home in their land of adoption creates an impression of a privileged and idyllic life which can still be experienced in the Hill country. The beautiful estate bungalows with their immaculate rose gardens, to the colonial hotels with gabled roofs and mahogany panelled billiard rooms, mountain streams teeming with the introduced brown trout, to the Hill Club where patrons are still required to wear a jacket to dinner.


Tea Estates – Some of the world’s finest teas are grown in the hill country of Sri Lanka apart from simply enjoying the scenic beauty of the tea estates, you can choose to understand the process from plucking to packing of tea and of course for the connoisseur, this is the ideal opportunity to buy some of the world’s finest single origin teas at “cellar door” prices.

Mountain Train journeys –   The train journey from Kandy to the end of the train line at Badulla, is without doubt one of the great train journeys of the world. The views are spectacular and the engineering work that was required to build the railways through these mountainous regions are a marvel to behold.

Waterfalls – There are more than 100 waterfalls in Sri Lanka many of these and certainly the most spectacular are to be found in the Hill Country worth a visit for their natural beauty and for those who are up to it a dip in the crisp clear fresh mountain waters.

Diyuluma, Devon, Bakers falls, Ravana, Dunhinda, St Claire and Ramboda are some of the most notable falls.

Horton Plains National Park – Horton plains is one of our favourite places in Sri Lanka these beautiful plains are a pristine wilderness area of grasslands and cloud forest.  Horton plains is a mountainous plateau 2300 meters above sea level. An excellent trekking opportunity, with beautiful scenery, plenty of wildlife. The 1200-meter sheer precipice that is Worlds end and beautiful Bakers falls are the key sights on the 14km trek.  Even if you are not game for doing the full hike the serenity and beauty of Horton Plains is worth the visit.

Adams Peak – Sri Pada as it is known in Sinhalese is a spectacular singular mountain peak (2243metres) and a place of pilgrimage for the islands Buddhists. Sri Pada translates to the Sacred Footprint. The legend is that the natural depression on the summit of Sri Pada is a giant footprint.  The islands Buddhists believe it is of the Lord Buddha, the local Christian and Muslim population believe it is the footprint of Adam left when he was cast out of paradise.

During pilgrimage season, from December to May pilgrims make the trek through the night to reach the peak for sunrise. From a distance the lights of their progress up the peak is visible from a far.

Adventurous travellers make the overnight climb all year around just to enjoy the challenge, the spectacular sunrise and natural phenomenon that casts the shadow of Adams peak as a perfect triangle out to the horizon.

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