Scuba Diving

 Sri Lanka offers excellent diving opportunities for the beginner, through to experienced divers with its warm waters and abundant coral and marine life. Diving in Sri Lanka provides good and varied opportunities.

Sri Lanka’s prominent history as the port of call in the cross roads of the ancient and modern maritime travellers. Lying between the east and the west means, the waters of Sri Lanka contain many wreck diving opportunities.

The areas off the southern and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka are the last resting places of many a ship from the wrecks of the naval and trading galleons of the Portuguese, Dutch and British Armadas, during the height of their colonial dominance of the region, as well as  the wrecks of the British Aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and her Australian escort the HMAS Vampire sunk by a Japanese air raid in 1942.

Footfalls will be happy to assist you in arranging a learn to dive PADI certified training or arrange for a full-fledged diving expedition as part of your holiday. Please discuss with us your interests and requirements.