We at footfalls in Sri Lanka believes your journey to  Sri Lanka is a completely private experience, no tour buses and annoying tour leaders keeping you to a timetable.

We are here to assist you as little or as much as you require, we understand that some travellers insist on going it alone in that case we would be happy to assist you in getting the best pricing at a particular accommodation options you wish to experience or in helping you research the destinations of Sri Lanka.

Equally we also understand that some travellers wish to have an independent experience, but don’t have the time for finding their own way, in that case we can assist you in putting together a custom made private tour with your personal car and English speaking chauffer cum resident expert to your selected destinations.

While your chauffeur will advise you as to highlights at your destination, what to see, what to skip and when to go are entirely at your discretion.

Travelling with us

We always make sure you enjoy the journey.

Cars & Drivers

Your transport will be in your own personal vehicle with a dedicated English speaking personal chauffer cum resident expert to assist you on your travels.

Your vehicle will be a late model sedan or people mover depending on your group size or luggage requirement e.g. Surfboards. All our vehicles are equipped with a fire extinguisher and first aid kits, all are vehicles are serviced before each new journey.

Your chauffer is an accredited expert with extensive knowledge of the country, its culture and the off the beaten track hidden secrets that can only be found with local knowledge.  He will be on call 24 hours a day to provide advice to you on highlights, arrange guides for specific sites e.g. safari or historical sites, make any bespoke arrangements you may wish and ensuring your comfort at all times.

When to go

The ideal time to visit Sri Lanka climatically speaking is between November and March, however this period is when most Europeans head to Sri Lanka to escape the northern winter, this also makes it the most expensive time to travel to Sri Lanka due to the high demand for airfares and hotel rooms as a result prices climb significantly at this time of year.

Travelling just before or after this period means you can still enjoy the cooler and drier weather at a more competitive pricing.

Having said this Sri Lanka being a tropical country can be visited year around while there will be a bit of rain out of season travel means big savings on accommodation and air travel prices.

The necessities for your journey

Visa requirements

Australians need a visa to visit Sri Lanka. It is a revenue raiser for the country and the current cost is  USD 25 per person.  You can apply for the visa online and normally receive approval within 24 hours, alternatively you can pay for the visa on arrival.

Use this link http://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/

Please Note: Some companies on the internet offer “paid” assistance to apply for your Visa, they are also deceptive as they look like they are the official visa site.  It is totally  unnecessary to use their services and is waste of your money.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a very important and Footfalls strongly encourages all travellers to take an appropriate level of insurance prior to their travel to Sri Lanka.


Please consult your medical doctor on advice as to the recommended vaccinations well ahead of travelling to Sri Lanka.

The current recommendations by the World Health Organisation are as follows:


Hepatitis A & B




What to Pack

The following is a list of must haves in your luggage when visiting Sri Lanka:

Sunscreen & Sunglasses

Insect Repellent (Sri Lanka has Dengue, so this is very important)

Light summer clothing & footwear

Warm clothing (a light jacket) if you are visiting the hill country

Strong walking shoes if you intend on doing trekking in the countryside

Leech proof socks or repellent if you intend on visiting the rainforest areas of Sri Lanka